Recently while searching the most searched pages on a client’s website for heating and air conditioning, I noticed that the most searchable pages on my website for the do-it-yourself pages. DIYers searching for air conditioner quad cities are finding self-diagnostic information to install their own air conditioners at home. This is another example of searching your business analytics and understanding who your consumers are and what their needs are as well.

While creating th50 Shades of Googleis article I only assumed that there would be a group of people that would be interested in do it yourself analytics or do it yourself search engine optimization tactics for a relatively low-cost option. Understanding that there are people that have higher levels of skills and abilities makes it easier to explain to the general audience the ultimate goal and tasks that they need to accomplish in order to achieve visibility and have a strong digital footprint in their marketplace.

Do it yourself SEO should include a few basic cornerstones. Of course having a good website with plenty of good original content is only the starting point for do-it-yourself SEO. It’s important to note that if you are not a good content writer you can have people write content for you that would be 100% plagiarized free and original content. You can use very specific plagiarizing websites that will go back and check the entire internet to make sure that this is 100% original material. The reason that is important is because Google recognizes you more as an authority if you’re putting original content out with obvious keywords or relevant information about your specific Niche.

Again to resize do it yourself search engine optimization should include original content with keyword searches about your specific product or service. Plenty of original pictures would also be helpful in telling the story of your product and brand.

Secondly making sure that you are Google verified is an absolute must. Not being Google verified is simply a failure and oversight on your part if you do not understand the importance of being Google verified, and being geo-located specifically to your local market.

What you will do to become Google verified and simple you will go to Google and type in Google business you will Google your business and if there is not a citation that references your business you will simply create one it is like creating a electronic business card. You will then fill out to your best knowledge and abilities all of the services that you can provide so when people search Google they will be searching and finding the information that you leave behind. You must Hansel and Gretel your customer back to you by leaving tidbits of information that lead back to your money site.

It’s important also to engage communities like thing, and Foursquare in order to gain more notoriety as well. Simple do-it-yourself YouTube videos attached to the Gmail account and constantly loving on them and giving them video updates and vlogging will be another tactic that gives you more publicity in the local Google search.

Google owns YouTube and loves to promote YouTube directly below any searches. If you have been treating videos people will watch them and respond. Don’t overlook the importance of things like Instagram and Twitter. It’s important to look into both of those networks and understand how they work in promoting your brand. Simply Instagram is the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. And if you’re uploading them every day and staying relevant within your Niche, you will have and see the payoff that comes with time and persistence and consistency.

One thing that you need to consider as well as there are a number of other things that can be done to keep your site relevant and fresh. Do it yourself SEO should include a steady diet of blocking specific information about your particular Niche.

By keeping it fresh people will , and come back to relevant new information time and again. By you creating more content you will simply outwork your competition by becoming a creative written authority in the digital realm.

Do it yourself SEO is light years ahead of what most people’s thinking can be in creating and generating new customers in traffic. You only need to be 10% smarter than your competition and by following these prescribed procedures and I have listed I believe that you can simply add more customers by becoming more visible and not spending a dime.

If you require more information in regards to do it yourself as CEO and tactics please feel free to reach out and discover more ability to connect with customers and turn them into capital and revenue to build for your future.

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