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Recently my business partner and I have been stepping up our game and truly focusing on search engine optimization and how it relates to ranking a money site. If you are reading this blog you probably have some sort of basic understanding of ranking and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization can truly be like in Oceanside that changes with the ebb and flow of whatever algorithm has been created or being modified by Google. It has been a very obvious choice for us to go out and purchase private blog Networks because we have been relatively new to the understanding of what quote unquote juices is….

Basically, what that is juice, it is a status or a statistical number that denotes the Power Authority of a web page. In other words, it looks at Key search term and how many people have looked at this website as well as the age of a website. Typically a website that has been on the web for a very long. Of time will have a lot of juice. The type of juice that you were looking for is the type that is not related to spammers that spend their time scouring and scraping the internet for people that are interested in pornography, gambling, for pharmaceuticals.

My partner and I have started purchasing some more reliable expired domains that are in fact doing exactly what they should be doing. In a city or Metropolitan size of 400000, we ranked a business that was on page 7 to page 2 in just a matter of three weeks.

As we understand the power of a private blog Network and the power of the info and meta-data that can be applied to drive traffic. He has started to come to a realization that potentially creating your own blog so you can control content ultimately might be the best decision long-term.

In other words, it’s the difference between buying wholesale or homegrown. You can buy a tree that’s five years old or you can grow a seed that cost nothing. As we have started to host a number of private blog networks through different hosting sites, we realize that purchasing cheap domains and creating blogs could be potentially a very powerful strategy long-term.


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You can create a number of blogs for relatively cheap and the only true costs would be your time continual maintenance and nurturing. Ultimately it’s the difference between being a farmer or being someone that has to hunt down the perfect power authority page that you have very little control over.

What we have discovered by purchasing different influence sites for PowerBlock networks or private networks is another term that is commonly used. Is this, there are varying degrees of actual authority and power that these blogs have. By home growing these you can prune the trees so to speak the way that you see fit in a strategy that will be able to help you long term.

When you find a blog that works well, it’s important to nurture it and help grow that content on a regular basis. Aside from understanding how to purchase power, there are many other aspects of ranking that need to be considered.

In further, blogs we will talk about creating a uniform footprint that is light and looks organic. By creating situations where your overpowering extremely powerful private blog networks you can do ultimately detrimental damage to yourself.

In the later blog and we’ll discuss the uniformity and dripping your social media network appropriately and organically creating uniformity throughout your signature and digital footprint throughout the internet. I look forward to discussing all of the future benefits of understanding holistic social media and how it relates to the different video, and picture Brands like Instagram and YouTube. All of these are tactics that need be balanced and not one or one-sided.

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