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Power Branching

Do It Yourself Private Branch Network

Recently my business partner and I have been stepping up our game and truly focusing on search engine optimization and how it relates to ranking a money site. If you are reading this blog you probably have some sort of basic understanding of ranking and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization can truly be like […]


Recently while searching the most searched pages on a client’s website for heating and air conditioning, I noticed that the most searchable pages on my website for the do-it-yourself pages. DIYers searching for air conditioner quad cities are finding self-diagnostic information to install their own air conditioners at home. This is another example of searching […]


When it comes to understanding your digital footprint and how you interact with people in the digital world, it’s important to understand what a higher authority backlink is and how it can help you produce more traffic that you can monetize.  I discovered a high Authority backlink that is relatively difficult to come by. When […]